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about-alandraclA native of Ontario, Canada, Alandra lives with her loving husband and their three boys near Toronto. When she’s not working for her husband’s companies or playing mom, she loves to read and write fantasy, suspense, and romance.

She has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles published in Canada, USA, and Europe. Her greatest passion is working on her novels. With her heavy work schedule, the majority of her writing gets accomplished later at night when she can finally take a deep breath, relax, and create without interruptions.

Her off time is spent watching movies with the family or doing sports with them like rock-climbing, tennis, and biking. Every Sunday afternoon is private time with her husband either picnicking, watching shows, sightseeing, or simply enjoying a walk in nature. With all of her men being soccer fanatics, she tries to get out to see as many of their games as she can.

Her husband’s love for traveling has whisked her off to many exotic and interesting places across the globe that provided the settings for her books.

Check out her blog where she loves to share with you her experiences, mistakes, and insights.

You can reach Alandra through her contact section.

She always enjoys hearing from her readers.



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