I’ve been asked about how I came up with my author symbol, so here’s its story.

During the design of my website, I searched for a symbol or icon that was unique to me as an author, something to use to authenticate my original work. I decided on a coat of arms. I’m an admirer of family and official crests, so I thought a personally designed coat of arms specifically for an author was a good solution.

  • I wanted various qualities to my coat of arms, so I put considerable thought into its layout
  • I wanted to use a shield for my coat of arms since heraldry has always been an interest of mine
  • I wanted it simple, so that with a single glance, its meaning was clear
  • I wanted it authentic, a coat of arms that depicts my personal message as an author

Considering the above points, I began to select images for the various parts.

Crest – I omitted for simplicity.

Top mantle – I adorned with my initials, ACL.

Shield supporters – I also omitted these for simplicity sake.

Shield plate – I put as my charge, a quill that symbolizes a writing implement for a writer and has been used as a principle writing tool for many centuries. Without a tool to get the words out, the words would remain locked in the writer’s imagination. As a collector of quills, it seemed an appropriate insignia to use.

The banner – Not all coats of arms have banners, but I have always found it to be one of the more attractive features. I omitted the top banner and settled only for a bottom one. Rather than just put my name on it, I wanted the banner to convey what I, as a writer, wanted to share with my readers. The words I had inscribed onto my banner were Socius Scientiae, Latin, meaning to share knowledge.

Knowledge is all-powerful. It eliminates fear, it makes life easier, it can save lives, and it paves the road to freedom. As a writer, it’s not just about sharing knowledge, it’s about using those wise words to entertain readers.

So there you have it; the creation of Alandra CL’s coat of arms.