A Rare Best Friend

I read a quote on twitter the other day regarding best friends that grabbed my attention .


“Friends are there when you get knocked down and help pick you back up. Best friends are there and say “stay down, I got this.” – PreRandom


This quote emphasizes to what lengths a “best” friend will go to help. Best friends always go that extra mile. These types of friends are rare and one can be fortunate to have even one best friend like this in their lifetime.

(The word “best” means, better than all others or of the highest quality.)

My father loved literature and often told me stories when I was younger. One story about friendship that always stuck in my mind was the story based on a ballad by Friedrich Von Schiller called, The Pledge or The Hostage (Die Burgschaft).

In summation, the story tells of two friends, one of them, Damon, who is sentenced to death by the king, but has one last request, to be granted three days to take his sister to her future husband to marry. The king grants him his wish, but to guarantee his return, his friend must take his place. His friend agrees despite knowing that if Damon does not return, he dies in his stead. In his travels, Damon experiences many obstacles, trying to bar his timely return. In the last minute, he succeeds. No one, except his friend, thought he would come back, least of all the king. The two friends embrace, and the king who is so touched by their strong bond of friendship, asks to join their circle of friends.

How many people have such a friend, one who would be willing to give all?

Nowadays, where a handshake no longer means anything, and the word “I” means everything, strong bonds of friendship are rare.

Someone once told me that you should count yourself lucky to have such a cherished friend. I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. Friendship is a two-way street, an equal give and take relationship, and a relationship that needs as much nurturing as it does devotion. If someone has such a cherished friend, they have him or her because they have earned that friendship.

“A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.” – By Kathleen Grove

What is your definition of a “best friend”?