A Small Tale In Persistence

With good tweets, one will have good twitter following.

When I joined twitter, I applied this rule and began to tweet what I thought were good tweets, tweets that I felt would interest my followers, tweets of value. I also set myself a goal, to reach one thousand tweets by the year-end.

December 19, I hit my 1000th tweet!

For some twitters that may be a miniscule amount but only having joined twitter a number of months ago, I thought it to be a realistic number for me.

I have to admit, the number was intimidating. I remember thinking back, wondering how long it would take me to reach that many tweets. What made me feel inept was that my intimidation for a thousand tweets appeared groundless when I saw twitters with twenty or thirty thousand tweets.

How had they accomplished that large feat?

I still haven’t’ discovered their secret, but I did discover how I had accomplished my goal – with ‘persistence’.

Every day, I made sure to add tweets, even if on some days, I managed only one or two. On the rare occasion when I was unable to tweet at all, I doubled my tweets the next day to compensate for that missed day.

My persistence eventually reaped success. Not only have I reached my goal, my followers are steadily rising.

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

My next goal is five thousand tweets, which feels as intimidating as my first one thousand did.

I was asked, why I wasn’t celebrating my number of followers instead of my number of tweets. This saying sums it up nicely: the amount you give will determine the amount you get back

I find comfort in knowing that although the trip might be long, with the application of persistence, I’m guaranteed my success in the end.


How has persistence helped you in life? I would love to hear your stories.