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R.L. Stine tweets horror story to his fans – By the star.com – http://goo.gl/o7q1U

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4 Lessons I Learned from Being Rejected by a Publisher – By Sundi Jo – For Jeff Goins – http://goo.gl/ZdV5B

The Catastrophe of Success – By Andreas Kluth – Harvard Business Review – http://goo.gl/SkD5S

Book Tango: Author Solutions Rolls Out Ebook Distribution Services – By Victoria Strauss – Writer Beware – http://goo.gl/X56TZ

The Anatomy of a Better Blog Post – By Darren Rowse – Problogger – http://goo.gl/scpWn

The illusion of privacy (and what we actually care about) – By Seth Godin – http://goo.gl/88B1n

Music Lessons (that work for publishing, too) – By Seth Godin – The Domino Project – http://goo.gl/F1k0a

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Crime Beat: Foul Language in SA crime fiction, is it f#@%ing necessary? – By Elizabeth Fletcher – Books Live – http://goo.gl/K99c4

Coming soon to a shelf near you: The publishing industry has gone mad for film-style trailers – By Tim Walker – The Independent – http://goo.gl/eK9zA

Fantasy writer Christopher Paolini shares his own fairy-tale success story – By Eric Volmers – Calgary Herald – http://goo.gl/lkUd9


Quote(s) of the Day

“The only job of a writer is to make a blank page into a masterpiece of words. ” – By ACL

“Inside every fat book is a thin book trying to get out.” – Unknown Author




Writing Contest

The Editor’s Award in Fiction, Essay, and Poetry – By The Florida Review – Deadline Mar. 17, 2012 – http://goo.gl/qQoFR