A Promise Is A Promise!

Bobby sat slouching on the couch with his leg dangling over the side, texting, being bored and unsure of what to do with himself.

“Yo, this sick horror movie just came out! Let’s do a movie before we go to Brandon’s,” his friend, Daniel suggested. His shorter and stouter friend was eager to get going before they wasted the entire evening thinking about what they should do before Brandon’s party.

“I’m exhausted bro,” Bobby replied, as if even moving would expend too much of his energy. He continued his texting.

In one motion, he suddenly flung up to a sitting position as if being injected with a shot of energy. “F#*@’in right!” he shouted.

“What’s up?” Daniel asked.


Bobby had a huge smile come to his face. “Taffy and her hot friend are hav’in a party tonight. We’re go’in!” He jumped to his feet.

Daniel looked up at him bewildered. “We can’t. We promised Brandon we’d help at his.”

“Whatever! He doesn’t give a f#*% if we show!”

“But Brandon needs us,” Daniel intoned.

“This might be my only shot at meeting her!” Bobby said, heading to the washroom to get ready.

“But we promised the guy!” Daniel rose and followed along.

“Well, we didn’t really promise,” Bobby said with a tone of mischief, waving off the argument.



Recently, I experienced a promise broken by someone. It’s irrelevant whether it was a big promise or a small promise, or what the outcome was from that broken promise.

What’s important is that ‘a promise is a promise’, and trust is lost in an individual when they break a promise, a trust that may never be regained regardless of the size of the promise or its effect.

One would think that with the astronomical value attached to a promise; specifically the issue of trust, people would be more determined to keep them.




For every promise, there is a price to pay, and for every promise broken, the price is far greater.” Based on the quote by Jim Rohn.