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After a long absence, I’m thrilled that my website is finally up and running again. Thanks to my awesome web-designer who makes miracles happen.






Book News!


I’ve been asked repeatedly when book two of the Thought Mover series is coming out – 2017 will be the publication year. Due do circumstances in my life, I was unable to devote as much time to my writing as I would have liked to have done. My apologies for keeping my readers waiting.







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I am also working on the next book to the Master’s Arcanum for 2017.



Fall has arrived and it happens to be my favorite season. The vibrant color of the leaves, the crisp clean air, no more pesky insects, and what’s best is that Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner.


Carpe diem!


Prequel to The Alkahest to be released this month!

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of the prequel to the Thoughtmover series entitled, “The Master’s Arcanum.”


This short story tells the tale of the beginning of the Great War of the Thoughtmovers. Royal Movers are forced into hiding to avoid capture by the rising of the  Tarconian army. Lord Magtor must race to get his family to the safety of the Golden caves if they are to have any hope of surviving.  As the keeper of the world-altering Arcanum, Magtor must avoid capture at all cost or the Land of Kaldanien would fall under the tyrannical rule of the dark Tarconian Lord as his slaves, never to see peace again.





Look for its publication this month on Amazon and Kobo.

For more information visit:




My New Chapter Story


Romance Chapter Story

For my romance readers, I’m working on a free chapter-story titled, “Love Amid the Storm,” which will be published on my website shortly. I’m looking forward to sharing with you a new chapter approximately every ten days for your reading enjoyment.




A blizzard forces Kayla to share hotel accommodations with a handsome stranger. The mounting attraction between the two of them has her room-mate, proposing a one-night-stand while they ride out the storm. Kayla must decide whether she will surrender to the tempting stranger, but also, whether she will be able to survive walking away when the storm ends.   



Always glad to hear from you, so feel free to leave me your comments. :-)


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