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Writing Security

Everywhere you look, sadly, there is some form of security to protect our valuables. Alarms and motion detectors for the home, anti-auto theft devices for vehicles, heavy duty locks for bikes, safes for money and valuables, passwords and encryption to protect data, and the list goes on and on.

Computer and Network Security

I wonder if there is anything of value nowadays that doesn’t get secured?

Regrettably not unless you’re asking to part with it.

Because of high theft, we have become a locked up, secured, and highly protected society. Anything valuable must have security to protect it.

So what do I use to protect my writing?

My hard-earned labor of love gets only the best of security from my trusted Iron Key.

iron key

The World's Most Secure Flash Drive

What’s an Iron Key?

It’s a type of heavy-duty memory key that travels with me wherever I go, protecting all my written stories. It’s the world’s most secure flash drive with military-grade encryption. Comes with a secure private browser that protects your password when online and cannot be disabled by worms, viruses or other malware.

I accidently put it to the test when I used my son’s infected laptop. Although I ignorantly worked on the laptop for a number of hours, unaware it had a virus, nothing on my key was compromised. Phew!

Should I lose my key, ten incorrect passwords tries will literally disintegrate the data, meaning no trace of recovery and  insuring my work doesn’t get into dishonest hands. As well, a rugged, tamper-resistant, waterproof, metal casing that protects against physical damage should I accidently subject it to the elements.

drop boxFor Backing Up and Storing Files

Of course, in addition, all my writing is backed up to a secure hosting service like Drop Box and a personal hard drive. Unfortunately, once my stories are published or distributed, the protection is minimal. Plagiarism is a thriving industry, but at least, I have the peace of mind of having it under lock and key until it reaches my readers.