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I’ve been asked about how I came up with my author symbol, so here’s its story.

During the design of my website, I searched for a symbol or icon that was unique to me as an author, something to use to authenticate my original work. I decided on a coat of arms. I’m an admirer of family and official crests, so I thought a personally designed coat of arms specifically for an author was a good solution.

  • I wanted various qualities to my coat of arms, so I put considerable thought into its layout
  • I wanted to use a shield for my coat of arms since heraldry has always been an interest of mine
  • I wanted it simple, so that with a single glance, its meaning was clear
  • I wanted it authentic, a coat of arms that depicts my personal message as an author

Considering the above points, I began to select images for the various parts.

Crest – I omitted for simplicity.

Top mantle – I adorned with my initials, ACL.

Shield supporters – I also omitted these for simplicity sake.

Shield plate – I put as my charge, a quill that symbolizes a writing implement for a writer and has been used as a principle writing tool for many centuries. Without a tool to get the words out, the words would remain locked in the writer’s imagination. As a collector of quills, it seemed an appropriate insignia to use.

The banner – Not all coats of arms have banners, but I have always found it to be one of the more attractive features. I omitted the top banner and settled only for a bottom one. Rather than just put my name on it, I wanted the banner to convey what I, as a writer, wanted to share with my readers. The words I had inscribed onto my banner were Socius Scientiae, Latin, meaning to share knowledge.

Knowledge is all-powerful. It eliminates fear, it makes life easier, it can save lives, and it paves the road to freedom. As a writer, it’s not just about sharing knowledge, it’s about using those wise words to entertain readers.

So there you have it; the creation of Alandra CL’s coat of arms.

Alandra CL Website Launch

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, and putting up my website is a milestone in my writing career.

I have to admit, I greet it with a sense of excitement but also a sense of dread. The internet has become a huge marketing tool, that reaches out to every corner of the globe.

Once something is out there, it’s out there!

For me, that is a scary thought and a huge step to take in my writing career.

Alandra CL Website Homepage

Screen capture of homepage

Writing is an art and like all arts, there is a huge piece of your personal-self mixed into that work of art. Showing your art to the world means not only exposing yourself, but also setting yourself up for critique – good and bad critique. Let’s face it, who likes bad critique. Not only will I need to develop a thick skin, I will need to look at that critique objectively; after all, there can be a lot to learn from constructive criticism.

I will, however, not allow this spark of dread to spoil all the excitement bubbling over in me and dampen this memorable occasion. There is so much to look forward to with the release of my website. The most important one is having a venue with which to communicate with you, my reader. Creating my stories has been thrilling, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Months of planning and hard work have gone into the design of my website. Many have participated in making this day possible for me. I owe a debt of thanks to my awesome web designer, Alex, who has created an artistic and functional masterpiece for me. I would also like to thank my computer programmer, Nathen, who not only has done a fantastic job but also squeezed my website work into his busy schedule so I could meet my deadline. More thanks goes to my editor and mentor, Pat Lobrutto, whose valuable input has made this website even better and who continues to make me a better writer.

Enjoy it!