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One Step Closer

I am one step closer to finishing my book, and it’s been an interesting and rewarding journey so far.

When I first became serious about publishing my fantasy novel, I realized that treating my writing as a hobby was not going to work. From that point on, I vowed that whatever I did or needed to do, it would get my total effort – I would treat my writing as a professional career.

The Alkahest - Book Cover

The Alkahest - New Novel by Alandra CL

This professionalism extended not only into my creations, but also into my research, the time allotted to writing, my dedication, and most importantly, my attitude. Combining all these factors has turned a simple writing-for-pleasure into a writing career. Suddenly writing assignments began to come to me. They were not exactly, the type of writing that I dreamed of doing, but it was a means to an end, meaning, it allowed me to be published, to gain experience in the writing world, and to nurture the idea that writing was a serious occupation, not a hobby as I had so long felt it to be.

For a long time, I had asked myself when is a writer really a writer. When does one deserve to hold the title of a true writer?

I used to think it was when one had their first work published, but having had writing work published, I no longer feel that to be the case. I am certain there are good writers out there who have never had anything published. I believe that one is a writer when one possesses these two key ingredients: they treat their writing seriously, and they feel like a writer in their heart.

My road has been long. And while it may seem to others–from the outside looking in–that this is just a job like any other; for me, it has exploded into a passion that has taught me an incredible amount and has fuelled me to push harder and continue down that sometimes difficult road with no regrets, much optimism, and horrendous enjoyment.

In my opinion, the saying holds true that it is not the destination but the journey that brings more fulfillment, because a destination is fleeting whereas the journey is long and memorable.