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1. Gorgeous South African Home Sits Amid the Treetops – By Lori Zimmer – – Beautiful home!

2. 100% Design’s Best Green Exhibits at the London Design Festival – By Helen Morgan – – Awesome designs! Love the rhino chair.

3. Keira Knightly Eyed for a Twist on Romeo and Juliet – By Claude Brodesser-Akner – – That is certainly every author’s dream. Wow! Hats off to Rebecca Serie.

4. Looking for new ideas? It’s time to moodle. By Christopher Foster – The Happy Seeker –

5. Editing clips: abbreviations, acronyms or words – which is correct? By Di Mace – Word Swords –

6. Why Accountability Partners Work By Kristine Meldrum Denhom – The Urban Muse –  – Loved this idea! Motivators are always good.

Quote of the Day

“Either a writer doesn’t want to talk about his work, or he talks about it more than you want.”  – Anatole Broyard

 Writing Contest

AICW (Association of Italian Canadian Writers)  Contests –  Any cultural affiliation – Deadline Oct. 31, 2011

 Book Release

Author, Thea Atckinson goes her own route to find success with her book, ” The Secret Language of Crows”.

Read her article in The Chronicle Herald By Jodi Delong


Talker’s block . . .

The Latest

1. Talker’s block – By Seth Godin – – Very good cure for writer’s block!

2. I Pay for Things You Get for Free – By Paul Michael – Wise Bread –

3. Write Yourself into Your Characters – By Eric Kuentz – Fuel Your Writing –

4. Smoke In The Bottle By Jim Dingilian – By – – Amazing! How does he do this so masterfully?

5. The Verbing of the English Language – By Mark Nichol – – Promote or eschew neologisms? I find some add zest to writing.

6. How to Survive Your First Launch – By James of Men With Pens – – Preparedness! Having launched, I know all these points happen despite thinking you are ready.

Quote of the Day

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.” – Sidney Smith

Writing Contest

Writing Contest – William Van Dyke Short Story Prize – Ruminate Magazine – Deadline Oct. 15, 2011 –

 Book Release





The Dragon’s Path (The Dagger and the Coin) – By author Daniel Abraham – Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel




Self-Editing Checklist . . .

The Latest

1. Self-Editing Checklist: Setting and Description – By Writers Alley –

2. Top 5 Thing to Avoid Telling Editors and Agents at Conferences – By Writers Alley –

3. Publish America and CBA: Rowling Redux – By Writer Beware –

4. A Comprehensive Guide to the Envelope System – By Matt Bell –

5. Reader Mailbag: Sick Child – By Trent – the Simple Dollar –

6. These 3 Typography Websites Will Change How You Look at Type – By Joel Friedlander –

7. Keep the Climax in Mind – by Plot Whisperer –

8. Is Social Media Like a Party? – By Nathan Bransford – – Love his pictures!

9. Product Of The Week: Green Lantern, World’s First Design Lamp Made From Liquid Wood – By – – Beautiful lanterns!

10. Daily Writing Tips – By Mark Nichol – Marshal vs. Martial –


Quote of the Day

“An essential element for good writing is a good ear: One must listen to the sound of one’s own prose.” – Barbara Tuchman

Writing Contest

Poetry Writing Contest – Gerald Cable Book Award – Silverfish Review Press – Deadline Oct 15, 2011 –

 Book Release

Full-Time Income in Part-Time Hours By Freelance food and wine writer, Gretchen Roberts – shares strategies for maximizing your income on less than 40 hours per week.