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I had two main objectives in mind with my website: one, a venue to communicate with you, my reader, and two, a way that I could give something back to you. That was how my chapter stories were developed, an awesome idea that my web designer helped me come up with – thanks Alex for your ingenuity.

Chapter stories are stories that I release one chapter at a time, every few weeks, free, for your entertainment. The chapters are available in various convenient formats such as eBook, mobile, audio, and YouTube. I am thrilled to have my chapter story available in audio form, and I would like to thank my narrator, John Harada, for his voice-over, which made it possible.

The Sussex Deal

The Sussex Deal - Chapter Story By Alandra CL

My first chapter story is The Sussex Deal. There were a few reasons why I picked this particular story to share with you. It’s not a fantasy, like the book I’m publishing, but a contemporary novel. I love various genres, and this chapter story allows me variety in my writing while I finish my book.

Another reason that I picked The Sussex Deal was its setting. The book takes place in the area of where I live, a city that I love, a city with many cultures and diverse localities, metropolitan Toronto, Canada. I hope, through my writing, you will gain a glimpse of this beautiful city.

I also chose this particular chapter story for its storyline, one filled with corruption, romance, and most of all intrigue. The main character, Dominic Lombardi, a real estate tycoon, discovers that nothing in his life is as it seems, and he must fight hard and clever to escape a brewing conspiracy against him, or he risks losing everything, including his life.

The story and its characters are fictitious; however, a person that impressed me with his achievements, high work ethics, and kindness towards others, inspired the main character. I believed ideal people like him didn’t exist, and I’m glad that he proved me wrong.

I am excited to be writing these chapter stories for you, and I hope you enjoy the first of them, The Sussex Deal, that I picked to share with you.

Alandra CL