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The Day Has Arrived!



It’s finally happened!

My thriller, The Sussex Deal is ready.


After much writing and much more writing and then tons of editing and re-editing, and then doing research on marketing etc., my book has finally made it to the eBook publishing stage.

book_icon4I’m excited, and although I know it takes time to promote the book and generate sales, the road to getting here and now travelling the path to publishing it, I’ve come to realize that it’s the whole process that I’m obsessed with. Every step has brought its fair share of challenges to overcome, but I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my days where I thought, why am I doing this or why did I have to re-write this twelve times before I got it right.  In the end, my drive to succeed and my enormous love of the craft is what makes it all worthwhile.

My first love lies in writing fantasy, so writing a contemporary thriller was a whole new experience for me.  The language was the biggest challenge to overcome. I found myself often slipping back into writing in the style of my fantasy novels. The thriller genre did give me a taste of something new. The one thing it did have in common with my fantasy genre is that I felt passionate about all my characters. I think it’s this passion that forces me to tell their story regardless of the genre.

The Sussex Deal was initially to become my first “chapter story”—a story for my readers where I put out one chapter at a time—but we decided to use it as my first step into eBook publishing.

monitor_1Now, the task begins to market the book. Will it be a success? Time will tell. For me, the euphoria comes in writing the book and bringing it to its completion. I hope to give my readers that same euphoria when reading it. I’m already working on my next book and loving it.small_star

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Quote of the Day

“Either a writer doesn’t want to talk about his work, or he talks about it more than you want.”  – Anatole Broyard

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