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An Embarrassing Moment

Sometimes we do things unintentionally in our everyday life that gains a few laughs, unfortunately at someone’s expense. I had just such a moment and unfortunately, it was at my expense. Since my kids all got a good chuckle out of it, I thought you might to.

In order for you to understand what happened, I need to give you some background information.

Our cars have automatic locking devices on the door handles, that by simply tapping the handle, the cars lock and unlock automatically. One day, after taking one of the cars to the dealership to have maintenance done, they supplied me with a loaner for the several hours it would take to finish the service. Being extremely busy and rushed that day, I had to scramble to get my tasks and appointments completed in the interim.

I sped off to my first to-do-item on my list. As I was coming out of the store, I realized I was already late for my next appointment. I hurried up to the loaner and began tapping the door handle to open the vehicle.

Nothing happened.

Being late, frustration set in. The damn thing wasn’t unlocking! I continued to tap it, not understanding why it didn’t open. I knew I had the fob in my purse for activation, so I walked around the vehicle, tapping the other door handles to see if they worked. Minutes passed and I couldn’t get the car to open. My next appointment was an important one so I didn’t want to be any later.

A man, who had parked beside me and had been observing me for awhile, came up to me and asked in a peculiar way what I was doing. I must admit, me walking around the car continuously tapping my finger on the various handles must have looked unusual to say the least.

“I’m trying to open my vehicle but it won’t unlock,” I told him.

I had hoped to get some help or advice from him, but instead, he stared at me as if I was totally inept. “Don’t you think you should use the key?” he said pointing to the key lock below the handle, shaking his head.

It was then I realized that the loaner vehicle didn’t have the automatic touch locks on the handle. Being in a rush, I had forgotten.

I started to laugh so hard when I realized what I had been doing.

The man walked away, I’m sure thinking that I was a crazy woman or a very dumb blonde, before I had the chance to explain to him my error.

It was only after he left that embarrassment set in, thinking what I must have looked like to him and others passing by, continuously walking around the car tapping my finger on the handles.

To this day, my kids call it one of my better blonde moments, one that they will never let me forget.