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The Passing of a Special Man


Sadly, our father just passed away, a great loss to our family.  We will mourn the death of a wonderful and dear man who has made all his children better people.


Here is a poem that I wrote to our loving father.

Your battle is finally over, no more pain, no more fears.
Death has opened its door, taking away your suffering and your tears.

But we were not ready to say goodbye, to the father we so loved and knew.
You meant so much to us, your deeds so kind, so selfless, and none too few.

You were always willing, no matter what the problem or the task.
To give us a wise word, a strong shoulder or helping hand, we had but to ask.

Now you are gone, taken from this earthly plain, leaving grief and hurt to our soul.
Loving father, nothing can take your place in our hearts where there is now a burning and aching hole.

Who will continue to mentor, praise, and lead us through our unknown paths in life?
You were always there to cheer and guide us, if we needed help with our strife.

With your passions and hobbies, you infected us with your forte while standing wise.
Therefore teaching us how to work and make something of our lives.

Life is cruel to rip from us a parent that we so love and need to feel complete.
How will we ever bear the burden of your loss, striking us with death’s defeat?

The pain in our hearts is so unbearable in its breadth and scope.
We are left to bear the harsh reality of your death, praying that we can cope.

If only you were here, you would know what to say or what to do.
Already you are missed, to help us with this grief and burden to.

Our treasured memories of you that we hold dear will ease our despair.
And knowing, that you, our loving father, are now back with your own dear parents, with their love and care.



“It is a wise father that knows his own child.”
– William Shakespeare