A Novel by Alandra CL

Chapter 2

The arrangement to stay in the suit with the handsome stranger scared and excited Kayla, and she couldn’t help but wonder what might transpire between them. A part of her hoped he had a wife or girlfriend staying with him to avoid her temptation. Another part of her secretly wished that she could have him all to herself to indulge herself. She gave herself a pinch for that sinful thought.

Kayla was twenty-six years old and although she’d had a few relationships behind her and was by no means entirely innocent, she had never gone all the way when having sex. Her girlfriends constantly teased her about being an old-fashioned romantic like the books she read, by keeping herself for the man she wanted to marry. Up to this point, there had been no temptation. All the men that she had dated didn’t excite her enough to consider sleeping with them. This stranger was different; this outrageously handsome man gave her thoughts she never realized she could have about a man, sinful thoughts that put a glow to her cheeks.

Upon first setting her eyes on him, Kayla thought she had fallen into one of the love scenes from a romance novel where the heroine meets up with a perfect and utterly handsome man who sweeps her off her feet and they embark in a steamy love scene after which they lived happily ever after. Did things like that happen in the real world? Would a one-night relationship with him lead anywhere? A relationship based on sex alone could not last, she told herself.

“Miss! Where would you like your luggage?” the bellhop asked, waiting for her reply.

It took Kayla a minute to realize he was talking to her.

“Please take the lady’s luggage through the door at the end of the hall,” the man spoke out, walking toward her.

Even his deep voice was hypnotizing. How could one say no to it?

As he approached her, Kayla’s blood pressure skyrocketed. All she could do was stand like a statue and stare up at him, trying to keep her mouth shut and prevent herself from drooling.

Her other dates had been attractive; yet they hadn’t made her want to rip off her clothes and jump in bed with them at first glance. This man possessed something more, and it was that “something more” that excited and terrified her.

A silk shirt partly opened revealed bronzed skin with sprinkled black chest hair underneath. Rolled-up shirtsleeves encircled his large biceps. Charcoal pleated dress pants hugged his slim hips and powerful thighs. He appeared to be all muscle underneath his business clothes. How often had she read in her books about fictitious men like him who were perfect looking? Never had she though that one existed or that she would have the pleasure to meet one.

He stepped in front of her. She swallowed thickly. She guessed his age to be slightly over thirty. Older than the previous men she had dated.

“I took the opportunity to ask the manager to put you in my suite. I hope you are comfortable with that?”

His suite? Did he have this suite all to himself? Was no one else staying here? How could she stay with him, alone, a man who gave her bold sexual fantasies by his mere presence?

“Why?” she asked hoarsely. It was the only clear thought she managed to articulate. Why would this man want her? With her tongue, she wet her dry lips. She couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

“Everyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am bluntly honest, so I will simply come out and say what I want to say. I asked you to my suite because I want you in my bed.”

“What?” Kayla had heard what he had said, but it seemed too implausible to be real. Her exhaustion must be playing with her mind. One didn’t invite a perfect stranger into their bed upon first meeting them. The two of them had only met by way of a glance.

“Tell me you don’t feel the attraction between us,” he said to her in a low husky tone.

Kayla was still trying to find her voice.

Of course, she felt it. Since first setting her eyes upon him in the lobby, that was all she felt and fantasized about, but she dared not let him know that. Besides, fantasies were not always meant to come true. Being so close to him, she smelt a whiff of his woodsy cologne, keeping her from thinking clearly, not being able to consider his proposition and give a rational answer.

Kayla stepped back, needing space. Why was she even considering his proposition? His close presence was playing havoc with her rational thoughts.

“At the moment, I feel overwhelmed,” she said breathlessly, thinking if he wanted blunt honesty then she would give it to him.

Kayla walked toward the back of the couch and leaned against it. Her legs felt shaky and she needed something for support. Her purse still remained clutched in her left hand, uncertain of what to do with it. Was she staying or leaving? How could she decide something so momentous now? She was too tired to think this through clearly. What ever happened to making small talk when you first met, like talking about the weather or asking about your favorite food, she wondered?

Kayla shook her head. “If I understand correctly, you expect me to sleep with you or I can’t stay in this suite?” The thought of that annoyed her. She didn’t like being forced into a corner by an ultimatum especially when it concerned her personal life.

He crossed his arms over his chest. “No, that’s not what I said. I merely pointed out what I want. Whether I get it or not will be totally up to you. I wanted it to be clear from the start where I stand. The suite is yours to use regardless.”

He was definitely blunt, and normally she appreciated candidness but this was a little too much and too fast.

The bellhop suddenly appeared. “Everything is unpacked and stored away. Will there be anything else?” He looked from him to her with puzzlement, not entirely sure whom he was to address.

Her handsome roommate squeezed a bill into his hand. “No thanks. That will be everything.”

The bellhop nodded and closed the door behind him.

The room became ominously quiet.

Kayla realized it was her luggage the bellhop had delivered and unpacked, and she was responsible for the tip. “Thank you for that,” she said, having been too tired to react. A part of her wished she had been more alert; she didn’t want to feel indebted to the man.

“No problem.” He walked over and stood directly in front of her again.

His powerful scent lifted to her nostrils, awakening her senses. His cologne mixed with his personal scent was like a powerful aphrodisiac, planting sinful thoughts into her head. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. How could someone smell so good?

Kayla realized too late what she was doing. Her eyes snapped open, and she saw his lip quirk up at the corner, showing his amusement.

Her over-tiredness was putting her off guard.

“May I take your coat?” he asked, keeping a small smile on his lips.

Kayla stared at him. Giving her coat would make this arrangement permanent, and she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to stay in the suite with him, alone, all night.

All these years, she had saved herself for her wedding night and was proud of it. She wished she wasn’t so tired so that she could think more clearly about the situation she found herself in.

“I don’t bite,” he grinned, waiting.

Perhaps he didn’t bite, but she imagined him doing a lot of other things to her body and those worried her more. Could she keep her resolve strong enough to stay out of his bed if she decided to stay in his suite?