A Novel by Alandra CL

Chapter 3

Pull yourself together; Kayla scolded herself as she gathered herself tall. She was stronger than this. “Yes, certainly,” she said, hoping that he didn’t hear the nervous catch in her voice. She placed her purse on the seat of the sofa in front of her.

He stepped behind her and helped pull off her coat. His fingers brushed her neck, and she felt another shot of electricity run through her, zapping her. She stepped away, shivering from it. Better to keep her distance from him.

“If you’re cold, take a place in front of the fire to warm up,” he told her as he marched with her coat to the hall closet.

Kayla slid her hands down her pullover dress, wanting to make sure it wasn’t riding up. She wished she would have worn something else, something not as snug-fitting as this knitted dress. The style hugged every curve of her body. Not something she wanted to display now when she knew the hormones in the room were already raging too high.

A testament to this was evident when he turned and ogled her from top to bottom. Her face heated.

Kayla had a great figure in her size four; enough of her boyfriends had told her that. She also worked hard to keep her body in great shape. Right now, she wished she had worn something less provocative.

Kayla crossed her arms over her chest, not knowing quite what to do or say. Dare she stay in the suite with him? She let out a discouraged breath. Goodness, she was so tired that she couldn’t think clearly.

He walked toward her and laid his hands gently on each of her shoulders. That “zap” of electricity shot through her again, making her feel all warm and sensual inside. It also played havoc with her thinking. She shook her head, hoping to get some clarity but with her lack of sleep, she doubted anything would help except getting some badly needed rest.

“We are going to have at least three, maybe four days together in this suite, according to the weather forecast,” he said. “I need to know where you stand in terms of our sleeping arrangement before we move on.”

He was standing close enough that she felt his warm breath against her cheek and the heat radiating from his body. The urge to touch him grew stronger with each moment.

Kayla was at a loss for words. Days! She was debating about one night. How could she gain enough self-control to be around him for several days?