A Novel by Alandra CL

Chapter 4

“But . . . I don’t know you,” Kayla stammered. How could she sleep with a man that she didn’t know, no matter how strong the attraction was toward him?

Kayla had always prided herself on waiting for Mr. Right. Sleeping with him would ruin her for the man she would someday marry. Not just ruin her wedding night, but what would people think of her if they found out she had a one-night-stand? Although this was the modern age, coming from a religious family, there was less tolerance for sex outside the marriage.

“Do you know how many people have ‘one-nighters’ with strangers?” he asked as if knowing her thoughts.

“Actually no, I don’t. I’m sure it happens, but just because others do it that doesn’t mean I do.” Kayla found offense with his implication.

For some reason, he smiled at that. She got the feeling he still didn’t believe her. She wished he would remove his hands from her because she couldn’t think properly with the buzz going through her. Yet something prevented her from stepping away. A part of her craved the sensations that his touch evoked. No man had ever made her feel this alive and this desirable.

“Touche!” He gave her shoulders a small squeeze. “Can I ask what’s holding you back?” His gaze seemed to look right inside her as if knowing how badly she wanted him but was afraid to commit.

This time, she did step back, not wanting him to see more of what was inside her, or to see how close she was to surrendering to his wishes.

Kayla walked over to the burning fire to get some distance between them, hoping her steps wouldn’t falter. He followed her but had kept a good space between them, leaning against the other end of the mantle.

Kayla noticed that she still wore her boots. It was one more thing that if she took them off, it would make her stay more permanent.

Her manners finally got the better of her. “Sorry, I forgot about my boots.” She slid down onto the sofa and unzipped them. After pulling them off, she placed them off to the side, not wanting to walk to the closet and back while he ogled her every step as he was doing now.