A Novel by Alandra CL

Chapter 6

Kayla chewed on her lower lip. For the first time, she found herself actually thinking seriously on his offer with the enormous sexual pull he had on her. The feelings that she had for the stranger was more potent than all the other feelings of her past relationships combined and then some, making his offer of a one-night-stand tough to resist.

Why not indulge? What was the definition of Mr. Right anyway? And would she even meet the ideal man? Maybe she was wasting away the best years of her life for someone that might never come along. Her best friend, Julie, had often told her that she would know when the right man stepped into her life, when she felt enough of an overwhelming attraction to a man that she would desire intimacy with him. How much more attraction could someone feel than what she felt for the handsome man sitting across the room from her, making her body heat up in flames and burn with need.

What am I thinking? She scolded herself for losing her resolve. It could only be her lack of sleep that was beginning to break down her resistance. Under normal circumstances, she would never be considering an offer of a one-night-stand with him.

Kayla was surprised when she felt the sofa cushion beside her sink from him sitting down next to her. She hadn’t registered him moving over to her. He comfortably took her hand into his. She was amazed at how good and right it felt. Again, that zap shot up her arm, emphasizing the strong effect he had on her.

“I know that you feel what I feel,” he began. “All I have to do is look at you, and I can see that you want me as much as I want you. What could be so wrong about sharing something so pleasing between two people?”

“I don’t know,” was all Kayla could say. Although it was the modern age, in her conservative home, she had been taught stricter values and sleeping with a man upon first meeting him was definitely not sensible and conservative thinking.

He continued to stare at her.

Kayla felt she needed to fill the awkward silence between them. “It’s a tough decision. If it’s any consolation, I was actually giving it some serious thought.” She half smiled with embarrassment, wondering why she confessed that to him.

His face remained expressionless, but she saw the desire burning in his glittering dark eyes and felt the heat from the touch of his hand. This man really did feel the same fierce attraction that she was feeling.

His head moved closer towards hers, tilting to the side, his lids closing. He was going to kiss her. Kayla should have turned her face away, should have gotten up from the sofa, but she couldn’t move.

When his mouth captured hers, it was with a tenderness and passion she had never experienced. The desire that sprang up was impossible to contain, moving her closer into him. She returned the kiss, allowing the full measure of the feelings building inside of her to come out. Her arms circled around his neck and their kiss became more urgent, more demanding. The rush of heat that exploded inside her when his tongue delved into her mouth rattled her to the core.

What was happening to her? Kayla pulled away, afraid of the enormity of feelings rushing through her, and what these feelings might cause her to do. They both sat panting, looking each other in the eyes with surprise.

“I rest my case,” he said with as much surprise in his tone as she felt.