A Novel by Alandra CL

An epic saga of a superior race known as the Thoughtmovers who with their mind powers battle for supremacy of the land. One king seeks to free the humans from a life of servitude and the other one craves dominance at any cost. They race to find the young woman who holds the powerful elixir that will decide their victory.

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The Alkahest

A Thrilling Fantasy Novel by Alandra CL (book one of the Thoughtmover series)

After seasons of abuse, Selina finally escapes her stepmotherā€™s torture and is adopted into a loving home, but her long sought-after tranquillity is short-lived as the world she cherishes disintegrates. Brutal flashbacks haunt her, merciless soldiers hunt her, and a corrupt power that she fears is dark magic brutalizes her. Her only solace comes from a mind friend who helps her survive in her terrifying world. The male voice turns out to be Lord Terrel, a ruling Thoughtmover, one of two powerful telepathic kings who seek to use her as a pawn in their deadly game as they fight each other for dominance of the land. Selina ignorantly carries the knowledge of a powerful elixir that they seek to gain their advantage, and so to survive in their world and regain her freedom, she must challenge her greatest fears and learn to trust the one she loves.

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A native of Ontario, Canada, Alandra lives with her loving husband and their three handsome boys near Toronto. When she's not working for her husband's companies or playing mom, she loves to read and write.

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