A Novel by Alandra CL

A thriller packed with intrigue, mystery, and corruption.

Dominic Lombardi’s life is suddenly hurled into danger when he unwittingly purchases the Sussex property. The real estate tycoon soon realizes that his entire life was not as it seemed, and he no longer knows whom he can trust. That includes the beautiful stranger who captures his heart and appears as guilty as she does innocent in the deadly conspiracy forming against him.

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The Sussex Deal

A thriller packed with intrigue, mystery and corruption.

Dominic never guessed when he purchased the Sussex property that he would be getting more than he bargained for. His life is suddenly being threatened by a secret society, forced to find a mysterious item that he knows nothing about. Clueless of who or what is behind the conspiracy, Dominic must race against time to find the answers before they kill him and the attractive woman that has coincidently come into his life. Without knowing her guilt or innocence, he is forced to work together with her to save their lives. As more of the conspiracy unravels, Dominic soon discovers that his whole life was not as it seemed and that the mysterious item that he searches for, reveals a secretive past that would forever change his life.

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A native of Ontario, Canada, Alandra lives with her loving husband and their three handsome boys near Toronto. When she's not working for her husband's companies or playing mom, she loves to read and write.

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